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Kitchen Cabinet Conclusion

I’m in love with my kitchen for the first time since we’ve lived in this house! I mean, I knew this couldn’t backfire or present any possibility of me not liking the outcome, but the level of happiness at the outcome is way more than I anticipated.

Even on a rainy, gloomy day, our kitchen is bright! And I love even more that the wood grain of our oak cabinets still shows through the paint. If you’re a close picture examiner, you will see some missing hardware. I flip flopped our order and ordered too many pulls and not enough knobs. So the remaining knobs we need should be in next Tuesday. You’ll also see my motivational projected outcome pic hanging on the fridge—looks pretty dang good!

All in all this was an awesome do-it-yourself renovation that I would highly recommend if you’re even halfway thinking of it. Total cost ran us around $300 (including all hardware, a new palm sander, and $50 paint).

Allow yourself time and space. And the biggest factor of your time, is how much space you have to lay everything out for priming and painting and drying and recoating. Without the space to keep working, you’re stuck waiting. We set up several 6′ long tables in our garage.

And when it comes to paint, it’s never too expensive. Splurge on your paint and you’ll save yourself tons of headaches as it just settles so beautifully. We used Benjamin Moore Advance and our color was from the Off White Collection named Dove Wing. The Advance line is technically a water base which helps with drying time and clean up compared to the typical cabinetry oil base paints. However it’s all fancy and engineered to self level and dry beautifully and cure hard. It ran us around $50/gallon and it was worth every penny. And after painting two coats on every cabinet surface we covered, we still only used half a gallon. Talk about lovely coverage.

Oh and we also salvaged our hinges instead of spending money to replace them. We simply scrubbed them clean with a hard brush and bleach and used Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint in oil rubbed bronze color to coordinate with our oil rubbed bronze hardware. They turned out great and only cost us $6 in spray paint.

For a step by step guide of how we tackled our cabinets, I defer you to one of my favorite do-it-yourself blogs/family, Young House Love. Their recent step-by-step kitchen cabinet blog was basically what I followed to a T. So if my humble do-it-yourself projects are able to add any more credibility to everything they complete, then I hope it helps.

Stay tuned for true final pics soon. Our hardwood floors came early (Happy Valentines to me!) and started installing yesterday.


New Kitchen Cabinets

Since my husband is off on Mondays (I know, so annoying) he luckily is a super hard worker and got started early picking up last minute supplies and helping clear space for us to strip and repaint our kitchen cabinets beginning tonight!

Our entire garage had become one big camoflauge mess since Thanksgiving. So we speed cleaned it, grilled a mess of Carolina Treet barbeque chicken to make dinners easier throughout the week, properly cleaned decoys and put away all our hunting gear until next year—except those quick grab items you may need for other seasons. This allowed us to make  room for our work tables to go up in the garage so that we have painting surfaces ready and then we began emptying cabinets. The latter of which continues tonight with emptying the remainder of cabinets and removing all the doors, drawer fronts, and hinges. We are not painting the inside of our cabinets opting to leave the existing natural wood. Therefore, the actual cabinet boxes are staying on the walls—big relief right off the rip.

Anyhow, here’s our before picture joined by a projected finish picture. It doesn’t show our new hardware we ordered for the cabients, but there is a peep of our new hardwood floors at the bottom. So wish us luck and lots of marital patience! I’ll try to keep up with some pictures as we go but definitely looking forward to end result pics next week sometime.

Custom Stencils for Baby Austin

I attended a perfectly lovely baby shower for a friend of ours over Memorial Day weekend and was very excited to put to use a custom gift I’d tried before on my niece but failed last time. Seems I didn’t quite follow instructions before. But this time—this time I nailed it. Not that it’s anything overly difficult at all mind you.

But custom stencils are so going to be put to use in this house. After requesting baby to be’s full name for intials, customizing set to use. I first designed three different stencils to hand paint onto white onesies.

Once your stencils are printed, tape down freezer paper—not wax paper, which is where I goofed before—waxy side down, papery side up over your stencil. Then proceed to cut the shapes out of your freezer paper. For items like the hippo and elephant that have letters in them, or even more so, letters with holes or spaces like the a, you’ll need to think through your steps and cut accordingly so you can paint each part correctly.

After each piece is cut, simply iron your freezer paper onto the fabric in the steps needed to paint and you just paint right over your ironed on stencil with fabric paint. The beauty is, the freezer paper adheres just enough so that paint doesn’t slip in behind the stencil and you can achieve really nice clean lines. Wait until the paint dries, then simply pull the stencil off. It also doesn’t hurt to place a hot iron over the dried paint one time just to help set it.

And here are the finished onesies! Add in some cute matching pant sets and a few cute newborn shoes and it’s shower time!