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The Yoga of Cooking and Eating…in the South

If I had to pick one thing that defines and affects the southern day, it would be food.

Food in the traditional origin of sowing and reaping the harvest and the daily tasks that come with it, the ebb and flow of tides throughout the day that affect when you fish, the sunrise and sunset that affects when the ducks fly and the deer run. So it’s no surprise that these origins are reflected in the southerner’s love and affinity for good food, fresh food, and preparing food for the love and entertainment of others. Why do you think we’ve always heard the old saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” As trite as it may be conceived in today’s standards, it truly means well in its reflection for the love shown by mothers and fathers in preparing time-tested meals for their families.

And what I love about this article, is the merging of my love and understanding of the yoga heart with my southern love and understanding of the kitchen. How awesome when two distant worlds merge.