New Kitchen Cabinets

Since my husband is off on Mondays (I know, so annoying) he luckily is a super hard worker and got started early picking up last minute supplies and helping clear space for us to strip and repaint our kitchen cabinets beginning tonight!

Our entire garage had become one big camoflauge mess since Thanksgiving. So we speed cleaned it, grilled a mess of Carolina Treet barbeque chicken to make dinners easier throughout the week, properly cleaned decoys and put away all our hunting gear until next year—except those quick grab items you may need for other seasons. This allowed us to make  room for our work tables to go up in the garage so that we have painting surfaces ready and then we began emptying cabinets. The latter of which continues tonight with emptying the remainder of cabinets and removing all the doors, drawer fronts, and hinges. We are not painting the inside of our cabinets opting to leave the existing natural wood. Therefore, the actual cabinet boxes are staying on the walls—big relief right off the rip.

Anyhow, here’s our before picture joined by a projected finish picture. It doesn’t show our new hardware we ordered for the cabients, but there is a peep of our new hardwood floors at the bottom. So wish us luck and lots of marital patience! I’ll try to keep up with some pictures as we go but definitely looking forward to end result pics next week sometime.


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