Custom Stencils for Baby Austin

I attended a perfectly lovely baby shower for a friend of ours over Memorial Day weekend and was very excited to put to use a custom gift I’d tried before on my niece but failed last time. Seems I didn’t quite follow instructions before. But this time—this time I nailed it. Not that it’s anything overly difficult at all mind you.

But custom stencils are so going to be put to use in this house. After requesting baby to be’s full name for intials, customizing set to use. I first designed three different stencils to hand paint onto white onesies.

Once your stencils are printed, tape down freezer paper—not wax paper, which is where I goofed before—waxy side down, papery side up over your stencil. Then proceed to cut the shapes out of your freezer paper. For items like the hippo and elephant that have letters in them, or even more so, letters with holes or spaces like the a, you’ll need to think through your steps and cut accordingly so you can paint each part correctly.

After each piece is cut, simply iron your freezer paper onto the fabric in the steps needed to paint and you just paint right over your ironed on stencil with fabric paint. The beauty is, the freezer paper adheres just enough so that paint doesn’t slip in behind the stencil and you can achieve really nice clean lines. Wait until the paint dries, then simply pull the stencil off. It also doesn’t hurt to place a hot iron over the dried paint one time just to help set it.

And here are the finished onesies! Add in some cute matching pant sets and a few cute newborn shoes and it’s shower time!



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