My Own Little Farm to Table

I set out tonight with three separate and delicious self grown dishes and hope I have many more nights like this ahead of me.

Out of all the seedlings I started—and the handful or plants I bough, including this romaine lettuce—it has honestly surprised me the most. While I love a good summer salad, especially one loaded with fresh fruit, I was so indifferent to my lettuce plants until I started eating from them. And now, I cheer them on after I pick leaves for our salads anxiously anticipating when we’ll have our next salad. Note to self—definitely plant more heads of lettuce this fall and next spring.

Tonight’s salad is made from our romaine lettuce, along with homegrown basil, oregano, and cucumbers and store bought carrots and green onions—until ours get a little bigger.

And pictured here with our final salad is the main course—squash medley casserole + chicken! Made with our Memorial Day harvest that was previously featured, we have green squash, yellow squash, and zucchini.

And then for the third homemade course tonight—more so to be enjoyed later than tonight—is my first batch of homemade pickles! Now I am very aware that making pickles is about the easiest thing there is, but I’ve never made pickles. And that’s most likely because if we were store buying cucumbers growing up, we were just gonna store buy pickles. And there’s that whole part about how I never really fell in love with pickles/relish/etc until my twenties. But now, I have my very own little cucumber patch with full growns and pickling size ready to batch. These pickles are made from the Memorial Day pictures cucumbers and two pickling size cukes that made the cut today (pun intended). And yes, these are bread and butter. I still don’t really enjoy dills but I’m sure I’ll end up making some anyway later this season.

Here’s to crunching on fresh pickles and waiting to see what our next ingredients will be!


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