Top 10 Gardening Finds

Here is my top 10 list (in no particular order) for cool gardening gizmos that are out and about right now as available to purchase or easy enough to make. Enjoy!

1. Plant Sensor
Made by Black and Decker Tools and available at retail places like Target, this battery operated puppy has two prongs that insert into the soil of your struggling plant (like shown in this pathetic advertising picture) and over a 24 hour period, it monitors soil, sunlight, water, temperature and more. You attach your trusty USB cable from your sensor to the computer and it generates an exact report of what your plant needs. Bluetooth connectivity would be nice, but still a neat idea.

2. Rake Holder
Saw this idea a couple  months back and still plan on making mine from a found old metal rake tine rather than purchasing (sorry Etsy—you’re cool but sometimes you’re just an idea board rather than a store). But what a great way to store regularly used garden hand tools, especially if you have the space right by your garden.

3. Garden Carry-All Plans
One cool thing I do love from Etsy are plans. You can purchase sewing patterns, building plans and the like for super cheap and instantly download. If you’ve ever paid for project building plans before, you know a lot of companies insist on shipping you this over thought out kit and really for projects like this—it’s not needed. A great little garden carry tote made from wood. And if you just really want to buy it pre-built, they have it available here as well

4.Vintage gardening books
I brought home a great copy of Better Homes & Gardens Gardening Binder when cleaning out my parents garage back in February, but there are plenty to be had onlin. It’s chock full of great info and you can’t beat the hand-drawn illustrations of 40 years ago.

5. Illustrated Garden Markers
LOVE these garden markers. Such a small component of your garden, yet as a designer and maker of things, it has completely overwhelmed me how I want to identify my vegetables, so I’ve done nothing. So many ideas, none of them exactly right, but these are so precious! Now, if only I could illustrate my own….

6. Carry Cloth
This will definitely be a homemade project before its time to harvest. What a great, easy, do-it-yourself project for hauling in the fruits of your labor! And completely customizable with choice of fabrics (that’s for the do-it-yourselfers—not sure what custom options this crafter provides for purchases.

7. Plant Dammit
Another version of plant stake markers, but more of the multi-purpose variety for the challenged gardener.

8. Bulb Planter
Nifty little hand-held for scooping up the earth and perfectly dropping in your bulbs. And being made by Fiskars, you know this puppy has a nice, long-lasting edge for cutting through the soil.

9. Seed Sower
Definitely wish I had one of these a few weeks back. Those seeds get tiny! Wtih an adjustable spout and easy to measure for precise seed sowing.

10. Rake Hand
Gotta love rake hands—they’re obviously perfect for fall leaves—and our oak tree that sheds more than our two labs combined. Great if you have a bagless lawn mower and want to pick up grass clippings to either compost or trash and for picking up piles after weeding, especially if thorns are involved!


One response to “Top 10 Gardening Finds

  1. #11. The serrated shovel that I borrowed from you. I now have one of my own. Thx for the ideas.

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