Church Pew

I have been wanting a church pew for our house, pretty much since the day we moved in. I’ve searched high and low. I’ve followed ebay, craigslists adds, signed up for emailed updates from where churches send their pews for other churches or individuals to purchase, you name it. One, not to talk down about a pew that’s served the Lord for a good many years, but a grand majority of those being offered, while a great blessing for a church in need, are not what a want in my house with mustard gold upholstered seats. I also don’t want to pay $700 for the elite antique. It’s not a bragging right, it’s a bench at the end of the day. And if I pay $700 for something, then I can’t seriously turn around and drop my bags on it when I walk in the door or kick my shoes off and hope they land near it, you get the idea. Bottom line, it has to provide function and be usable—not just look pretty. And then, there’s the whole tease of finally seeing one you like to find out it’s in Virginia or Florida. Completely un-shippable and my desire for this piece of furniture does not justify a multi-state road trip. I mean really…All these factors make this a very tough process.

So on the day week that I’m just tired, nothing will go right, lost my cell phone eighteen-hundred times, and everything is just on my nerves, I begrudgingly fight traffic and the recent road paving crew to run errands during lunch. And don’t you know it, when driving down Main Street, there’s my church pew outside the local antique store. I seriously hit the brakes and busted a u-turn on a street I’m pretty sure u-turns are not allowed. Threw her in park and ran inside to inquire about it. The pew had just arrived the night before and it was perfect. I borrowed their tape measure and ran into my first snag. Ideally, I need a 6-7 footer max. This puppy is 9. Oh how I pined. I asked the gentleman at the antique store to cross his fingers too until I could get back home and figure it out. Well, turns out, there’s still no way to make a 9 foot pew fit. In other rooms, sure. But where I want it to go, no.

Returning to the whole, nothing will go right, everything’s annoying pity party I only briefly exited, my husband comes home with a plan. Because he’s my engineer charming (that’s a prince charming that’s more than just good looking—he solves my building/creative problems too). He says we’ll go look at it but that he can’t see why we can’t just resize it. We return to the store last night (a whopping 45 minute round trip to town mind you) to sit on the pew parked outside the antique store, take measurements, and talk fasteners. Turns out, we’ve got ourselves our next project.

I called first thing this morning and bought her. She’s ours! Not that we can really begin our project until mid-May, but that’s ok with me!

Here are some rough shots taken quickly outside the antique store. We’ll post more during the resizing/renovation process along with the finished 7 foot pew down the road.


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