My Enemy Weed—Carolina Geranium

I’ve quickly learned that no matter how much I teach myself about actual plants, flowers, and vegetables, I will always be outnumbered, outpaced, and unable to learn, identify, and attack the crazy southern weeds of our yards. It’s ridiculous!

This, so lovely named enemy—the Carolina Geranium—has appeared our of nowhere this year. It did not exist in our yard last summer. And now it’s overtaking the whole yard. And it’s ugly. And it’s everywhere. And it makes me itch—not literally but figuratively—until I know it’s under control.

While I know I could so go buy something, apparently from what Clemson shared with me, at this point of the year, it’s best not to waste money on a weed killer (phew—see soapbox below) but to manage with regular grass cuttings and then use a pre-emergent this fall. But after hearing that advice and re-examining my lawn, there’s just so much of it where there used to be all grass. I started weeding some to see what was going on underneath this crap and wouldn’t you know, my sweet little grass is trying with all its might to push through but the stupid geranium is overshadowing it, crowding it and keeping it from coming up. The enemy must be stopped.
So I started pulling and pulling some more, and now I’ve gone completely mad. My husband just has to look the other way. I’ve completed hand-weeded half the front yard on my hands and knees. I work precisely and in sections. Kinda like a search party does…making sure each area has been completely weeded before moving on to the next. Starting at the top, working down, and then across, and now I have one more major meadow section to attack. And it’s gonna be a beast. But I’m 3 wheelbarrow fulls in and there’s no turning back.

My grass will win.

We do own a spray bottle of Round Up but I try to reserve its use for sidewalk cracks, dandelions creeping through gravel areas, weeds under the patio—hard to reach places. Otherwise, I weed by hand. No it’s not easy and yes it takes time, but a little bit at a time is so feasible. If I were to attack the weed problem I have now with a weed killer, I’d be dousing my entire lawn. Which is not huge huge, but it’s not small either. And that’d be a lot of chemicals in my yard. Where I grow vegetables and fruit, and roll around in the grass with my dogs. And live 3 houses from the river. Where the rain continually runs. And no, my one yard doing this is not changing much for the runoff and overall groundwater cleanliness, but it still doesn’t mean I can participate in it either just because everyone else is. So yes, I will hand weed as much as my little hands will pull before throwing down jugs of chemicals across the lawn. Okay, that’s my soapbox.

Happy weeding!

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