Mud Run—check

And for those out there who are curious, we did survive the 2011 Mud Run. I survived and felt each and every one of the 115 minutes and some odd seconds that I spent running, walking, wading, flopping, crawling, climbing, and falling through The Leatherneck and I will wear my t-shirt proudly!

This course is for real no joke. And I have no explanation for the teams that completed this course in seriously half the time we did. They had to have bypassed obstacles. And a big great job to our counterparts who bypassed us by 30 whole minutes. I really have no words for how that was done and I honestly wanted no part of trying to finish the course any faster than we did. I wouldn’t have made it:)

I will say I can go on the rest of my life without hearing a Marine yell at me, “knees and elbows, knees and elbows!” or my all time favorite, “you have no reason to be tired, you’re not even half way!” I learned quickly to ask photographers on the course if I wanted to know what obstacle we were near; not a Marine.

Here are our naive before and relieved after pics:


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