Let’s Get Muddy!

And no, this is not a gardening post…it’s the largest mud run in North America. And we’re running it this Saturday with 6 other family members—4 on each team—alongside 1,100 other 4 person teams. All in the name of our Marines. Here’s the website for the USMC Mud Run located in Columbia, SC.

The course is 5.2 miles through the woods of Sandy Run accompanied by 34 marine-grade obstacles drenched in mud. Now, I know I sound like I’m not excited and that couldn’t be more wrong. My husband and I have actually wanted to do this for 2 years now but fell wind to scheduling conflicts and looking for team members. Alas, all we needed were our crazy cousins and spouses and it’s on! The sarcasm is more so attributed to that gut feeling of, “I’m really doing this in 3 days, not 3 months from now.” It’s here and other than looking at a map and pictures online, I truly have no idea of what to expect other than a lot of fun, laughs, mud, oh and now rain…70% chance of thunderstorms and wind with a huge storm front moving in Friday night. I mean really…

We’re supposed to have some family member support on the sidelines so hopefully we’ll have some great pictures to post next week but until then I’ll leave you with random race shots the Mud Run took from last year’s teams and posted online. Who else is having military school summer camp flash backs?


2 responses to “Let’s Get Muddy!

  1. Rosa Lee Deavers

    This is the most fun Jason and I have ever done!!! We have done it 2 years in a row with Jason’s Marine Corp buddies and have a blast. This completely takes them back to their Marine days and is for such a great great cause! Just remember to keep your mouth closed in the mud pits…gritty teeth and nasty water are not good for the soul! Good luck and have a great time. I am sure yall will do awesome!

    • Oh awesome! I didn’t even think to as you about it and so should have! Funny I was just thinking today about how I’ll probably be the first with a mouth full of mud just by not paying attention or laughing:) Thanks for the heads up!

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