Soil Results

We got our Soil Results back from Clemson Extension and we passed!!! I must say I am very proud of our dirt. And just for those following, the soil results didn’t really take that long to receive. I actually got my emailed results April 6 and I submitted my sample on Tuesday March 29, so it took just over a week. Not much of a wait at all, but something to plan on if you’re the itchy kind and want immediate results.

All in all, we just need to add potassium in the form of a 15-0-15, but all the other nutrients that are needed are quite abundant and our overall soil pH is resting nicely at 6.3; a number that happily suits all our vegetable’s pH growing needs. How do you know what soil pH to thrive for? Check out Clemson Extension website on Changing Soil pH. They also have great charts that further detail what pH each individual vegetable would need but all in all, they are happy to bear fruit in soils with levels of 5.8–6.5. That’s the good news for our garden.

The bad news you ask? Now if our veggies fail to thrive, we’re the only factor left to blame. Ha! Wish us luck! All our veggies we’ve grown from seed and the seeds left to direct sow are hitting the dirt this Sunday afternoon! Pictures will follow.


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