Cherry Tomatoes and Grass

After making my rounds in the greenhouse last week, I mentioned to my husband, “I’m just not sure about those cherry tomatoes—they don’t look right.” No fuzzy tomato stem, no delicious smell. I’m guessing he just wanted to encourage me and eventually convinced me they were fine. After all, I’ve reused so many seed cups that I didn’t exactly re-name as I should have, so who even knows if those cups are actually cherry tomatoes. They just as easily could be bell peppers or something, so it’s hard to say.

But last night, my optimism gave way and it became official. I am indeed growing grass. Three cups of it. And oh how I’ve watered those little seedlings and encouraged them along the way! So much so, that this grass growing venture will not go to waste. In the greenhouse they will remain receiving lots of love and attention so I can plant them in the front beds we recently stripped bare and are waiting on grass seed to kick in.

Take that.

Now for my cherry tomatoes…


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