Garage No.8

We spent last Saturday helping my wonderful in-laws clean out their garage. This would be that big, scary, detached garage in the back yard that no one goes into and small children are scared of. And yet with six strong workers and I’d say only two hours later, 75% of the entire garage was emptied! We succesfully declared a National Kidney Foundation pick up pile, a serious dump pile, and the what-goes-back-in-the-garage-neatly pile. Surprisingly with very little trouble negotiating among the three.

Then the project took a steep turn as we discovered a good chunk of boxes stored in that garage belonged not to my sweet mother-in-law as the whole family had pinned, but to my husband. Who did step up to the plate and accept blame, but also was really overly excited about his hidden stash of baseball cards that seriously has me worried organized binders, trades, and new card purchases are in my near future! Not really.

And then combined with my never-ending desire to thrift and restore good things, we totally ended up taking home a full trailer of stuff. But good stuff. With good uses. If you read about my love for my birthday china cabinet, you can only imagine my excitement over a second one! An awesome find, my mother-in-law used to do a lot of ceramics and received this a while back to use for storing her ceramic materials and utensils. I’ve already cleaned her down, done some small repairs, and primed her for a new paint job. With a new front glass panel from the family hardware store, she will have a new home on our back porch (where we live until October-ish) to house outdoor entertaining items—just in time for good weather!

We also relieved the scary garage of some wonderful, old Mason, Bell, and Atlas jars. These were hand packed and trucked back from Oklahoma where my mother-in-law’s family is from and grew up as dairy farmers. And these jars were originals to my husband’s grandma and great-grandma from her canning days. What a wonderful find just in time for our garden! Now any worries about surplus veggies has been relieved knowing I have all these beautiful jars with which to store food rather than waste and even better—to re-gift these beautiful jars back to the family.

There were lots of other awesome finds, laughs, and sore muscles to go along with the day but after a delicious spaghetti dinner—ones less family member’s garage to clean! Our count is now at 8 including our own and the two attempts before the final third on my own parents—and no we’re not for hire.

Here is the completed china cabinet in  use. Technically it still needs a new glass panel up front, but for now it works just fine.



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