Noah’s Ark Baby Shower

Some dear friends of ours are expecting their first babies in just a few months and yes, I said babies—they’re expecting twins! We were able to join them for a baby shower Sunday afternoon and it was just precious. They don’t want to know the sex of their babies before hand—I know, very brave considering the whole idea of preparing for two—but they’re fairly certain of identical vs fraternal. So with no gender, the super clever hosts opted for a Noah’s Ark theme. From little animal shaped bath toys floating in the punch bowl, to a watermelon bowl cut out as an ark, and animal crackers as game prizes, it was great. And in keeping with the theme—and gender neutral gifting—I found a great pattern I have in my go to One-Yard Wonders 101 Sewing Projects book for a stuffed Olivia the Owl. Luckily Olivia’s pattern comes with a gender neutral face too so she didn’t have to be a girl. One yellow and one green owl later, plus a little Noah’s Ark book, and we were all set to celebrate!


4 responses to “Noah’s Ark Baby Shower

  1. You post awsome posts Just bookmarked !!!

  2. Me and my mother enjoyed reading your blog post. Keep up the good work.

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