Kombi Garden Tool

We received our Kombi Mini as a wedding gift from one of my husband’s co-workers with the understated tip, “it’s really useful in the yard.” Boy is it ever. I’ve pulled it out a few times in digging out smaller bushes and plants we no longer wanted or wanted to transplant. But today, the Kombi and I became close and fast friends.

Made in Clarkesville, Georgia, Kombi products combine awesomely sharp, toothed edges on all your favorite garden tools like hand shovels, trowels, etc…and they’re super tough. My favorite part about this particular shovel is that I can easily slice into roots with one hand while pulling a plant back with another. It’s super light and super strong.

So while you may think we have all our ducks in a row with this vegetable garden, we’re far from having the other landscaped bed areas around our house, especially our entrance, in check. To our excuse, we have a very detailed layout full of circles and squares, but it’s been cold, we’ve been busy, or I’ve been sick all in the last 3 weeks. However, daylight savings officially begins tonight at midnight, we’re upon the wonderful reflection season of Lent, and it was a super warm 70 degrees today. So enough excuses, the weeds were the designated enemy of the day. And Kombi helped me attack the enemy in record time.

Here’s halfway through the project—I never remember to take true before pics. But everywhere that you see green growth are weeds and they were everywhere that you see black dirt. Not only does the Kombi rock at digging up things, it’s so sharp, it just slices straight across the surface of the earth and pulls up all those really-annoying-short-weeds-that-you-know-you-need-the-root-but-they-always-snap-before-you-can-get-it. Just smooth sheets of weed roots and some dirt that shakes back off. It was great. It’s not afraid of slicing through tough roots and helping pull them up as well.

All around 4 stars. Do yourself a huge favor and buy one today.
Kombi Online Purchases


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