Best Greenhouse Ever

When embarking upon this garden venture, we discovered our sweet neighbors who have had a garden twice as big as ours each spring, were not going to continue their annual harvest. Being they have many more years in gardening—and life—experience, we figured we were onto something great! Since Mrs. L stays home during the days, we’d exchange any wisdom and tips on our garden, along with any bored days she feels like piddling around in it, for whatever harvest she and her husband would like to have. Turns out, not only were they happy to help, they’ve continued to supply us with every awesome gardening need we could imagine, including the best greenhouse ever!

Now I don’t say this lightly, because my husband and I have built a greenmonster greenhouse before. In fact, everyone in my family has had their part in building the “build your own greenhouse.” And after two weekends, and 6 hands, it proudly stands erect and if any storm dares take it out, then I’ll say…”Hey Mr. Storm, you missed a window pane.”

But this beauty is made like a pop up tent. Made by Flower House and all one piece, she takes all of 5 minutes to put up with some velcro, some plastic beams and a few stakes in the ground later, she’s toasty warm and ready to grow seeds. Stocked with two portholes for hoses or power cords, a front and back zip door and screen doors, it has made for some very happy seedlings. Best of all, once her duty is done, she folds back down into a nice little bag to stow away for winter. Here’s some of her hand work (and lots of misting water sessions later):


One response to “Best Greenhouse Ever

  1. Cool greenhouse! What a creative idea! It looks fun and easy.

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