Spring Fever and Strawberry Jam

With February weather peaking at almost 80 degrees, it’s hard not to have spring fever. I presume that the excitement of starting the garden and daily tending to our seeds is only adding to the itch. But to top it off, our sweet neighbors sent us home the other evening with two jars of their fabulous homemade strawberry jam.

Jellies and jams are not something we take lightly around this household. This time last year we were pre-ordering several hundred jars in order to make my grandmother’s Hot Pepper Jelly over the summer as wedding favors for our guests in the fall. And what an undertaking it was! I usually make a batch or two every year to have on hand for parties, holidays, gifts, etc…But we’re talking 34 dozen jars.

And we loved every minute of it. In fact, I think my husband and I could honestly keep up with a small production facility, it became such a science. The best part was, we were able to share our love of a family favorite with those that love us and could be with us on our wedding day.

But this spring will be different. We’re hoping to move a little slower, enjoy our strawberry jam, count our seeds—and our blessings—while we patiently wait on the summer’s harvest.



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