Garden Weekend Wrap Up

We did it! After two back to back days of all day work and lots of amazing helpers, we have a 16′ x 20′ garden bed outlined and ready for tilling, lots of transplanted and removed plants, an awesome greenhouse or wonderful neighbors donated, a second compost bin chock full of composting horse manure from my family’s farm, and half of our seeds started with the rest patiently waiting. Biggest lesson learned, any rental cost for a sod cutter is well worth the price.




Additional plans include building an arbor along the side of the house, across the air conditioning unit to help provide it some adequate shade and give the bare side of the house some umph, adding shutters to this poor window that we never realized was missing shutters but did realize it looked funny compared to the others, adding a garden bench and stepping stones, and making some things grow! I’m sure some neighbors were more than a little concerned at a few points during the weekend, but I promise there’s a solid, overall vision here.

A super big thank you to my husband’s family who so generously offered their time and energy to helping us with this project. There’s no way the two of us could have completed this in a weekend!


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