Spring Garden Kick Off

So in 24 hours, with all fingers crossed and great helpers on hand, this space will be magically (I wish) transformed into our official garden. We loved that our yard had landscaping when we bought our house and wasn’t some run of the mill developer job. At the same time, the previous owner apparently was one of those that if something could be planted, it was going to be planted in this yard. So as we confirm new plans and projects one by one, I finally get to breathe a breath of fresh air knowing a new corner will be made ours rather than maintaining someone else’s overgrown vision.

I always loved watching my granddad grow plants. He never had the luxury of a full in-ground garden, atleast not during his lifetime that I was around to observe. But man could he make prize winning veggies grow out of 5 gallon buckets all around his front porch. From tomatoes, to banana peppers, sunflowers, and beans; truly originating urban gardening that thrives today. I loved that I got to watch someone plan, plant, tend and grow in the same way my mom and dad each watched the generations each before them. From traditional family gardens, to full blown tobacco crops and corn, let’s sure hope some of their luck trickled down the generations to me.

I ordered our seeds a few weeks back and other than our squash/zucchini medley that’s on the way, we will be starting everything else from seed this weekend. We missed out on a great spring seed order from Clemson that I will definitely be ordering from next year. The Foundation Seed Program through Clemson University offers many awesome varieties of heirloom and hybrid seeds that have been time tested and harvested by Clemson and other USDA programs for over 50 years. We, however, ordered from Park Seed based out of Greenwood, SC. I liked being able to still support a state company and one that tests and grows all its seeds in the same hardiness zone as us. But I wasn’t impressed with the ordering delays, lack of information when ordering (back-ordered squash medley), or their not so hot customer service. So we’ll be looking around for Clemson’s offers or local seed companies this fall.

So here’s our round up for this year’s spring garden! All planned to neatly grown in (2) 6’x9′ plots and (1) 8’x18′ plot. We debated a while over raised bed or direct soil gardening and while the biggest pros I’ve read for raised bed or fewer weeds and soil control, it just wasn’t enough of the pro list to also do the whole raised bed work. On the flip side, we know our soil is great for farming. That’s what it’s done since the 17th century when it started as a plantation. So we’ve opted to just plant the ground and see how it works this first year. If it doesn’t work as expected, we’ll adjust.

• Tomato Heirloom Blend
• Organic Cherry Tomato
• Various Pepper Collection
• Fordhook 242 Limas
• Spineless 80 Organic Clemson Okra
• Squash & Zuccinni
• Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans
• Cucumbers
• Pickling Cucumbers
• Green Onions
• Garlic Chives
• Blackberries
• assorted herbs

Also, my sweet husband picked up the supplies and built the compost sifter we featured in our compost write up. Here are some pictures. I love that he thought to add drawer pulls on the sides so it will be easier to handle.

We’ll be hard at work tomorrow but stay tuned for the after pics and updates on our little seedlings!


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