Custom Oyster Knives

We were able to eat some delicious oysters this past weekend at a Sponsor’s Banquet for our local Ducks Unlimited Chapter. And we were able to break in some great custom oyster knives my husband had commissioned over Christmas. These were actually Christmas gifts for my immediate family members and we had to have some made for ourselves too!

We’ve had a farm in my family for around 40 years and were able to use our family’s own horse shoes for this project. This was a lot of fun picking out shoes and guessing which shoes belonged to which horse. My husband has a family friend who also happens to be a blacksmith on the side and was able to make these for us. I absolutely love that they are made by hand, have stayed so true to form and shape of the original shoes, and even more so come from family horses.

To top it off, there really isn’t an oyster we can’t open when it comes to forged steel. They work better than any oyster knife I’ve used before and carry in your pocket really well since there’s no annoying hand guard jutting out. The gifts sets also featured a bottle opener or two (that even features a little thumb indention for popping the beer top), because what’s a good steamed oyster without a cold beer? And each set was delivered in a perfectly sized cigar box that I stained and topped with a wooden initial.

Many thanks for those involved in this as those that received these were truly honored and grateful, as are we.


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