A Quilt for Baby G

I recently had the opportunity to make my very first quilt! Being an avid sewer since I bought my first yard sale sewing machine at age 16—that is if you don’t count the baby Singer I got for Christmas when I was 7—I’ve always wanted to quilt and have always been too intimidated.

But intimidated no longer! I opted for a very simple pattern, just 4″ squares sewn together. However, the thing I love about quilting, is the simplest of patterns can be so powerful. I’ve always loved these alternating bold blues for baby boys and knew it would be the perfect ensemble for my gift.

Being a designer, I started by drawing my quilt pattern in Illustrator so I could follow the layout better while sewing. After cutting my squares, I simply started sewing each square of a row together, then sewing each row together. For the initials, I chose a simple, classic font Adobe Garamond Pro, and printed each letter to fit the 4″ square diagonal. By pinning these letters underneath the white squares, I easily traced the outline with pencil and then hand stitched the lettering for each one. The circle stitches around each letter were done by the machine and could definitely use some more practice!

I also figured this would be a great practice run for our wedding quilt I’ll be working on throughout the course of this year. I read about this fabulous idea to make a wedding wheel quilt at one of my favorite sites Purl Bee; the blog for Purl Soho/Purl Patchwork. I decided to pre-cut selected fabrics and make them available at our family-centered rehearsal dinner and ask our family members to sign their well wishes and love into our quilt. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on its progress as soon as I set a starting date:) Seeing as this pattern will prove to be much more complex than 4” squares, a baby quilt seemed the perfect place to begin!

On a side note, I whole-heartedly believe that children should receive something homemade that they can cherish. And even if by cherish, it means they snuggled with a blanky or stuffed animal once, but it was made and given to them out of love and is something they’ll look back on later in life, like my pink blanky my mother’s dear friend made for me when I was born. In today’s rushed life with the ever-growing emphasis on trends on brand names, I’ll gladly sew a custom “Sewn by” label into a homemade gift any day. I’ve also been very lucky to have lots of precious little ones in the family to make gifts for and will post some more custom items very soon!

Here are some more pictures of baby G’s quilt.



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