Bream Beds

While many areas provide recycling programs for Christmas trees to help you with post holiday clean up, another great alternative for helping your area ecosystem, granted you are near a lake or river, would be to feed your tree to the water as a new home for bream and other panfish.

Once on the lake bottom, Christmas trees and other suitable materials provide a surface where aquatic insects live and grow. These insects in turn attract small fish that are fed upon by larger fish. When selecting a site for trees, it’s best to choose an area shallow in depth located near a drop off. The size of your tree can effect its ability to sink to the bottom on its own and you will need some sort of weight—cinder blocks usually work best and provide additional cover. Be sure to mark your site by GPS so you can return in the spring to monitor and enjoy your new fishing spot.

If you are unsure, you can always contact your state DNR who often times will accept bulk trees so they can build beds where needed based on current fish populations.

Here is a great article from our DNR detailing the above and other great uses for trees after the holidays:


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