Happy New Year

In welcoming the new year, we have opted for a new project. Not a goal or a resolution because we aren’t necessarily changing how we live but rather choosing to document the way we live…seasoned by the river.

As a newly married, twenty-something couple, we opted to purchase our house and start our home some 30 miles inland from the popular coastal town most of our age demographic would never dream of leaving. However due to the geography of our coast, we live a stone’s throw from the headwaters of a beautiful, historic river that runs from here to the Atlantic Ocean.

Uniquely enough, our older neighborhood sits on the same land that a thriving rice plantation began roughly 300 years ago.

The purpose of this blog is to document our ability to practice the skills, ways, and wisdom the previous generations of our families have established for decades. Combined with regional customs, we aim to offer a humble insight into the ways of life in the Lowcountry where past meets present and aims to strengthen future generations. With so much hype surrounding green living, people seem to have lost sight of how to obtain their own basic provisions with tried and true methods.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts that will document how we have learned to live from hunting and fishing, gardening and preserving, to quilting and cooking—especially with seasonal game and freshly grown vegetables. While we certainly don’t claim to know it all, we do feel we have some fun things to share and we definitely welcome your comments and suggestions—and may often ask for them too! We hope you’ll find this blog educational and possibly inspiring enough to adopt your own practices.


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